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Have you ever wondered what people mean when they refer to septic tank systems? Well, a septic tank is a specially designed unit installed underground at every property that will need to accommodate the production of wastewater and sewage.

Once underground, septic tank systems are connected via piping to nearby properties, and with every flush of a toilet, sewage is deposited into said tanks ready to be broken down by the healthy bacteria living inside the system.

Septic tank systems are essential to modern-day domestic plumbing. This may not always be apparent to home and business owners, but without a functioning septic tank, flushing toilets would be a thing of the past.

But have no fear – our talented team of plumbers in Geelong at Clearwater Plumbing and Maintenance can provide fast and effective septic plumbing services so that you never need to think twice about who will help to take care of your septic tank systems.

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What is Septic Plumbing?

The primary function of septic plumbing is to separate any solids, greases, and oils from the wastewater before it enters the wider drainage system. The use of a quality septic tank, when installed correctly, can yield years of use. This lifespan is extended even further when correct septic maintenance is followed.

Over time, septic tanks accumulate build-ups of solid components that prevent the necessary separation of materials from taking place, resulting in blocked drains and damaged pipes.

To solve this problem, septic plumbing needs to take place. Ideally, a septic tank system should never be more than two-thirds full, meaning that regular septic maintenance is essential to ensure the best results.

The process of pumping out a septic tank system is often referred to as de-sludging. As the name suggests, this involves a fully licensed liquid waste contractor to open the septic tank system to pump out the sludge and build up in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations for septic maintenance. Your plumber will also need to consider any mandatory guidelines put in place by governing bodies like local councils.

Septic Installations with Clearwater Plumbing

Servicing clients across Surf Coast and Colac Otways and Geelong, our dependable team at Clearwater Plumbing ensures that every septic installation we oversee is done correctly. Following a successful installation, we provide maintenance services of the highest quality, so that your septic tank systems operate at peak efficiency for longer.

Our maintenance crew are both fully licensed and insured and participate in regular training opportunities to keep them working at the top of their game. By investing in education and professional development, we guarantee our clients across Geelong and the greater Surf Coast and Colac Otways area receive the best possible service and enjoy results of the highest level.

Signs of Problems with Your Septic Tank Systems

Are you hearing low gurgling sounds coming from a blocked toilet or shower drain? If so, you may be experiencing some of the early signs of a problem with your septic tank system.

To avoid overlooking any potential septic plumbing problems that may cause even more damage when left unattended, here are some signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • The sewage in your toilets is slow to drain.
  • Wet areas are visible at the top of the septic tank system.
  • Strong, unpleasant odours are being emitted from or near septic tank systems.
  • The grass surrounding your septic tank systems is growing more quickly than other grass.
  • Pipes along your property are overflowing.

If you notice any of these signs with your septic plumbing, it is essential to contact a professional, reliable plumber like those in our team at Clearwater Plumbing and Maintenance.

Common Problems Requiring Septic Maintenance

After noticing signs and symptoms of unhealthy septic tank systems, it is worth knowing what may have happened to cause them. Understanding said causes will allow you to take specific actions to prevent similar septic plumbing problems from arising in the future.

Some common causes of problems with septic tank systems include:

  • A thick layer of build-up, or scum, blocks the inlet pipe, impacting the correct flow.
  • Cracked or broken septic tanks from the impact of vehicle movement across the surface of your property.
  • Foreign objects, like wet wipes, sanitary products, or cigarette butts, become lodged in the septic tank causing blockages and build-up.
  • The presence of harmful chemicals, such as bleach and household chemicals, which kill the helpful bacteria in septic tank systems.

At Clearwater Plumbing and Maintenance, we have experienced a variety of septic plumbing problems that were entirely avoidable with the proper care and maintenance, so it is important to take good care of your septic tanks.

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How to Care for and Maintain Your Septic Tank Systems

As the saying goes, the best defence is a good offence. By taking the necessary actions to maintain septic tank systems, you can help to reduce the likelihood of septic plumbing problems at your Geelong property. There are several ways that you can care for your septic installation. From conducting annual inspections to following the manufacturer’s guide to septic maintenance, you can extend your tank system’s life and enhance its ability to function. Some simple ways to support your septic tank systems are:

  • Maintain accurate records of your septic tank systems maintenance and location.
  • Actively practice water conservation, as the less wastewater you produce will directly influence a reduced impact on the system.
  • Redirect traffic away from your drain field to prevent physical damage.
  • Keep excess runoff, such as those from gutters and driveways, from your tank system to avoid overflowing.

Engaging qualified septic plumbing specialists like our team members at Clearwater Plumbing will also work to extend the longevity of your septic tank systems.

Septic Tank Systems: Installation, Plumbing & Maintenance with Clearwater Plumbing

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