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Is your Geelong residence in need of urgent attention because of blocked drains? If so, then there is no need to fret, as the team at Clearwater Plumbing is ready and equipped to help alleviate the stress and frustration found with problematic plumbing.

From a clogged storm water drain to an overflowing toilet, no job is too big or small, and we can manage it – fast. We know domestic plumbing woes can derail your entire day, so by providing efficient and timely solutions, we can help you get back to doing what you love best, without a blocked drain in sight.

Based in Geelong, Surf Coast and Colac Otways, every blocked drains specialist on our team services clients from Geelong West to Newton, Colac, and Belmont. A trustworthy and dependable plumber in Geelong is hard to find, so get in touch with us at Clearwater Plumbing to discover what we are all about. You can learn more about how every blocked drains specialist in our team is ready to help our clients across Geelong and wider Surf Coast and Colac Otways by contacting us today on 1300 616 202.

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Swift and Reliable Blocked Drains Services: Clearwater Plumbing's Proven Expertise

Blocked drains are an unfortunate part of life. Whether you call a vintage building home or live on a property with poorly laid piping, a clog or obstruction in the drainage system often occurs with little warning. They also have a knack for appearing at the most inconvenient times.

The situation can then quickly worsen when your clogged drain turns into a blocked sewer line, which is why it is essential to act as soon as possible and contact your preferred blocked drains specialist.

At Clearwater Plumbing, we are fully licensed plumbers capable of tackling all your insurance plumbing and plumbing maintenance needs. Operating in Geelong, Surf Coast and Colac Otways for over 20 years, we provide professional services to help our clients with blocked drains in a fast and efficient manner.

Every member of our team undergoes regular training to ensure we stay up to date with all the latest technology and plumbing practices, keeping us at the forefront of our industry and providing every client with the best service possible.

We utilise the latest equipment for both sewer and storm water drainage repair, as well as cutting-edge technology to provide quick diagnoses for fast, effective repairs. We also foster excellent relationships with some of the best plumbing suppliers in Geelong, Surf Coast and Colac Otways, ensuring that every tool or component we use is second to none.

Some of our dependable suppliers include:

What Should You Look Out for with
Blocked Drains?

To help you get ahead of your blocked drains and prevent further damage, there are a few things that you can look out for around the house. Signs like the appearance of foul odours, a change in the colour or depth of the water in your toilet, or the sink not fully draining are all indicators that a plumbing problem may be lurking beneath the surface of your home.

By collecting this information before the arrival of your blocked drains specialist, the correct action can be taken more swiftly, limiting the potential impact on your home or business.

At Clearwater Plumbing, we can assist with a variety of problems connected with blocked drains. Some of the more common problems that can lead to blocked drains affect homeowners across Geelong, Surf Coast and Colac Otways every day.


Damaged Drains

Situations like ground movement, tree root intrusion, or landscaping works can cause unintended damage to the pipes and drains at your property.

With over 20 years of experience in our field, our team of professional plumbers in Geelong can easily diagnose your blocked drains and provide solutions without the need for expensive, time-consuming excavations.



Blocked drains are caused by anything that restricts the proper flow of water and waste throughout the plumbing at your property.

From foreign objects to scale build-up, these restrictions can be dealt with directly by our team of blocked drains specialists who are equipped with innovative, purpose-built technology.



As the structure on your property ages, so, too, does your plumbing. This causes pipes to deteriorate, resulting in collapses or a structural change that may compromise the correct flow.

Using our specialist equipment, we at Clearwater Plumbing can effectively manage and repair damaged underground drainage systems.


Pipe Leaks

The pipe joints put in place to prevent wastewater leaking can break and lose their effectiveness. When this happens, the pressure from blocked drains can result in increased water damage on your property.

Every blocked drains specialist on our team is experienced in managing such issues and can diagnose, locate, and repair any pipe leak.

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Weather you require a commercial plumber or domestic callout in Geelong, our team has you covered.

What Other Quality Services are Provided by a Clearwater Blocked Drains Specialist?

Are you looking for a blocked drains specialist with experience and knowledge spanning a wide range of plumbing solutions? At Clearwater Plumbing, every member of our team is equipped to manage any commercial or domestic plumbing job for your Geelong residence.

Just some of our professional services include:

Septic Plumbing

You can view a full list of our specialist services today to find the perfect solution for your present and future plumbing problems.

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Professional and dependable, our plumbers can provide effective solutions for any blocked drains that are causing problems in your home or business in Geelong, Surf Coast and Colac Otways.

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