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Out of sight, out of mind. This is often the approach of homeowners across Geelong and Surf Coast and Colac Otways when it comes to their plumbing maintenance. Unfortunately, every homeowner will experience a plumbing problem now and then.

From employing simple, everyday methods, to securing professional plumbing services, there are many ways that you can maintain your plumbing systems.

Whether it is routinely checking for leaks and cracks, or hiring a plumber to carry out regular plumbing services, giving a little TLC can have a massive impact on your overall plumbing maintenance.

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The Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Major plumbing repairs can be a headache for any homeowner. The expensive repairs and the inconvenience of blocked drains and backed-up septic plumbing can put a dampener on anyone’s day. But there is something that you can do before you even get to this point – schedule regular plumbing maintenance.

Performing DIY routine maintenance and seeking the help of professionals is the best approach for preventing future problems. To keep the professional visits to a minimum, there are some simple ways for you to care for your residential plumbing system.

5 Simple Tips to Help You Keep Up with Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Take your plumbing maintenance into your own hands with a few simple steps that will save you time and money over the years.


1. Be Careful About What You Flush

Your toilet is not a rubbish bin. The only things that should be flushed are toilet paper and your waste. Following this simple rule can save a lot of time and effort on future plumbing services.


2. Find Hidden Leaks with Food Colouring

Don’t ever be caught off guard by hidden leaks again. If you suspect your toilet tank is leaking into the bowl, try putting a bit of food colouring into the tank and waiting up to an hour. If the colour seeps out, then that is solid evidence of a leak, and it may be time to seek professional plumbing maintenance.


3. Clear Your Blocked Toilet with Soap

Need to fix blocked drains or a blocked toilet? Did you know that you can do some DIY plumbing maintenance with nothing more than some hot water and soap? It’s true – you can often clear blockages by adding hot water and soap to the toilet bowl. Get the water as hot as you can and add as much to the bowl before it becomes full. Add a generous amount of liquid soap. This works as the hot water breaks down blockages and the soap gets things moving again.


4. Clean Your Showerheads with Vinegar

Like other blocked drains, clogged shower heads can present a problem for homeowners. The build-up of mineral deposits can make them less effective or even stop them from working. Perform a bit of plumbing maintenance magic by soaking your shower heads in vinegar for 24 hours. If you don’t see results, it is time to seek a professional for repairs or replacements.


5. Flush Your Water Heater

When properly maintained, water heaters work exceptionally all year round. Part of this maintenance involves flushing out the mineral sediments that accumulate in the bottom of the heater. By doing this at least once a year, you are increasing the lifespan of your appliances, as well as optimising their efficiency. Failing to flush your water heater can result in so much sediment build-up that the tank rusts beyond repair.

What Does Plumbing Maintenance Include?

A simple way to think about plumbing maintenance is to remember that if water runs through it, it will require plumbing maintenance services.

As part of any standard plumbing maintenance service, your local plumber will thoroughly check the plumbing system at your residence.

Examinations of showers, bathtubs, toilets, taps, drains, pipes, water heaters, and supply lines can be expected when you request a variety of plumbing maintenance services. As they work, plumbers will look for leaks, cracks or corrosion that may impact the way your plumbing functions. They will also make note of any drainage issues to provide effective solutions so that your plumbing works better for longer.

One of the main benefits of keeping up with regular plumbing maintenance is the peace of mind that comes with having clean sewer drain lines. By giving your plumber regular access to this part of your plumbing system, you never have to worry about an unseen blockage or obstruction that could cause considerable damage to your property. When caught early enough, build-up and clogs can be handled by your plumber directly, restoring your system to peak efficiency.

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